The Different Versions Of Mega Man Battle Network 4

Mega Man Battle Network 4 has two versions: Red Sun and Blue Moon. It’s an action-packed adventure with classic characters. Players go through a digital world to uncover the enemy’s truth.

Missions must be completed, battles fought, and special attacks used, to progress. There’s a new double soul system that fuses Mega Man with bosses, giving him their abilities.

The storyline moves quickly, keeping players engaged. A pro tip: choose a version based on preference. Both offer unique game experiences. Pick your poison – robot or video game!

Which Version Of Mega Man Battle Network 4

Paragraph 1: Mega Man Battle Network 4 has multiple versions with unique features and contents.

Paragraph 2:

Different Versions of Mega Man Battle Network 4

Red SunGame Boy AdvanceBattle Chip Gate Access, Battle Chip Packs
Blue MoonGame Boy AdvanceLink Cable Access, Navi Customizer Programs
Real OperationGame Boy AdvanceReal-Time Battles, PET Navi Functionality

Paragraph 3: Red Sun and Blue Moon have exclusive Boss battles, story events, and Navi Chips. Real Operation has a specialized battle system that mimics the actual PET Navi experience.

Paragraph 4: Pro Tip – Getting all versions of Mega Man Battle Network 4 and linking them up will give players access to exclusive content and features.

Get ready to howl at the Blue Moon with Mega Man Battle Network 4’s updated version, featuring more viruses than a computer on a bad day!

Mega Man Battle Network 4 – Blue Moon

Nebula Gray is the invading group featured in this plot and Shade Man is a new character. The Soul Unison System allows the fusion of souls to get increased powers.
Cybeast Gregar and Falzar are cyber-beasts crucial to the storyline. Instead of the usual red graphics, this version has blue-tinted graphics.

Plus, there are exclusive computer viruses that can’t be found in other versions. Compared to Red Sun, this version has minor changes to the storyline.

Uniquely, this version has glitches that only occur due to coding errors. A variant mode is also featured in the sidebar which is not available in any other version.

Mega Man Battle Network 4 – Blue Moon sold over 600k copies within Japan according to While the Red Sun awaits to make you feel the heat, even the viruses need sunscreen!

Mega Man Battle Network 4 – Red Sun

Mega Man Battle Network 4: Red Sun! Transform into MegaMan.EXE and battle viruses in an interactive digital world. Get new upgrades like Soul Unison, Beast Out, and Cross System for an enhanced gaming experience.

Red Sun’s exclusive battle chips are a must-have! Collect rare chips and discover unique boss battles and areas not found in other versions.

Don’t miss out! Blue Moon or Red Sun – either way, you’re a nerd playing video games.

Key Differences Between Mega Man Battle Network 4 – Blue Moon And Red Sun Version

Mega Man Battle Network 4 – Blue Moon and Red Sun Version have distinct differences that affect gameplay. Here’s a comparison table of their unique elements:

FeatureBlue Moon VersionRed Sun Version
StorylineFocuses on Lan’s characterFocused on Mega Man’s character
Boss BattlesDifferent bosses and battle strategiesSimilar bosses and strategies
Battle ChipDifferent set of chipsDifferent set of chips
Linking CapabilitiesCan link with Mega Man Battle Network 5 – Team ProtomanCan link with Mega Man Battle Network 5 – Team Colonel

One notable difference between the two versions is their distinct storylines, which focus on different characters. Blue Moon Version follows Lan while Red Sun Version focuses on Mega Man, affecting dialogue lines and missions. Additionally, each version has its own set of exclusive Battle Chips, affecting strategies and tactics.

Interestingly, the Mega Man Battle Network franchise was developed by Capcom, a Japanese video game company. It was first released in 2001 as a spin-off of the original Mega Man series. Its new format and innovative gameplay made it a commercial success, spawning sequels and spin-offs that diversified the franchise.

Why settle for one boss battle and storyline when you can have four different versions of Mega Man Battle Network 4 to choose from?

Differences in Boss Battle and Storyline

Mega Man Battle Network 4 – Blue Moon and Red Sun Version have variations in boss battles and storylines. The Blue Moon version has a story all its own, and Red Sun also has different bosses.

Check out the differences between the two versions:

Mega Man Battle Network 4 – Blue MoonMega Man Battle Network 4 – Red Sun
StorylineFighting against Nebula Grey.Saving the net battling world.
Boss BattlesShadeManCloudManJunkManBrightManCrystalManNapalmMan

Both versions have unique chips, battle strategies, and areas.

If you’re a fan of the series, pick wisely! Don’t miss out on the levels and challenges each version has to offer. Get your copy now and experience an adventure like no other with Mega Man Battle Network 4 – Blue Moon or Red Sun Version. Who needs sunshine when you can have chips? The Blue Moon version may have more powerful chips, but the Red Sun version has some delicious ones you won’t want to miss.

Differences in Available Chips

Mega Man Battle Network 4 – Blue Moon and Red Sun versions have different collections of chips. A player’s choice depends on their gaming experience and strategies.

Below are the data that show the variations in exclusive chips between the two versions.

Difference found in Blue Moon VersionDifference found in Red Sun Version
When playing vs ShadeMan V3, you get Spiky100 instead of Shadow100When playing vs BowlMan V3, you get SuperVulcan instead of TankCannon

Each version has unique strategic value due to certain chips having different strengths and capabilities. Mega Man Battle Network began in 2001 and ended in 2006. Every new version included changes in available chips.

These differences help gamers become NetNavigators. Blue Moon is like a stroll, while Red Sun is like a hike with no map.

Differences in Game Difficulty

Curious about the difference between Mega Man Battle Network 4 – Blue Moon and Red Sun Version? Here are key game difficulty details.

Blue Moon:

  • 190 Chips.
  • Storyline Challenges tilt towards challenging.
  • Forte Stage Levels (End Boss) tilt towards easier levels in 1st Playthrough with reduced Health refills in subsequent playthroughs requiring strategic Chip combinations.

Red Sun:

  • 173 Chips.
  • Storyline Challenges tilt towards easy-medium difficulty level challenges.
  • Forte Stage Levels (End Boss) tilt towards difficult levels with limited recovery options.

But, it’s not just the game difficulty that separates the two; there are unique boss battles and events held in each version. Enjoy the full experience by trying both versions! Blue Moon and Red Sun – like ice cream flavors, both are sweet, yet one may leave a slightly bitter aftertaste.

Which version Of Mega Man Battle Network 4 To Choose?

The Best Version of Mega Man Battle Network 4 to Opt For

Mega Man Battle Network 4 is available in two different versions, Red Sun and Blue Moon. Choosing the right version can be confusing, but here are some suggestions that can help you make an informed decision.

  • Storyline: The two versions have different storylines, but both involve the same main characters and game mechanics. The Red Sun version has a more action-packed storyline, while the Blue Moon version offers a more exploratory and puzzle-solving narrative. Choose the version that fits your gameplay preferences.
  • NetNavis and Battle Chips: Both versions have unique NetNavis and Battle Chips that can determine your gameplay strategy. The Red Sun version features more offensive chips and NetNavis, while the Blue Moon version focuses more on defensive chips and NetNavis. Consider your playstyle and choose the version that complements it best.
  • Availability: Some Battle Chips and NetNavis are exclusive to each version, so if you want to collect them all, you will need to own both versions. However, this may not be necessary unless you are a completionist.

Lastly, keep in mind that the choice between the Red Sun and Blue Moon versions ultimately comes down to personal preference. Each version has its own strengths and unique features, so consider these factors before making a decision. Happy gaming!

Choosing which Mega Man Battle Network 4 version to play is like choosing which flavor of ice cream to have after a breakup – they all leave a different taste in your mouth.

Factors to Consider

Weighing up Mega Man Battle Network 4? Here are some factors to consider:

  • Story – Different versions have different storylines, affecting the flow of the game.
  • Gameplay – Extra content, features or characters might be present in just one version.
  • Difficulty – Each version has its own difficulty level.

Remember, what matters to you might not matter to someone else. Take time to research each factor before deciding.

Blue Moon has an extended storyline but Red Sun offers shorter, more action-packed play sessions. If you’re looking for fast battles, Red Sun is the one. Otherwise, Blue Moon has puzzles, mysteries and challenges.

No matter which version you get, it won’t break any friendships!

Personal Preferences

Choosing the right version of Mega Man Battle Network 4 is all about personal preference. Red Sun focuses more on battles, whereas Blue Moon has more exploration and storyline.

The bosses, chips, and transformations in each version are different. If you’re into combat, go for Red Sun. But if you want to explore the world and enjoy the captivating storyline, choose Blue Moon.

Price and availability should also be considered. Both versions are easily available online at affordable prices.

So, pick carefully and enjoy the perks that come with each version! You can’t go wrong with either one, but why not choose the one with the coolest name?

Conclusion: Final Thoughts And Recommendations

Analyzing the Mega Man Battle Network 4 versions? Choose the one that fits your gaming needs and preferences! Each one has its own features, so understanding them will help you decide.

The storylines differ in each game, with minor changes in battle systems, characters, and gameplay. Evaluating the differences can help pick the right one. For example, Red Sun is all about battle, while Blue Moon is more exploratory.

Only one source has all three styles of gameplay. The origin and authenticity of the game depend on the region it’s released in. If you want the Japanese version, you may have to search harder than if you want the North American or European versions.

Capcom released two exclusive editions for each game’s initial release, like Black or Blue cartridges in Japan or USA. Both versions have unique features, but they may have their own minor issues.